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Last Month Samsung Present the New Flip Smartphone W2018

When we are waiting the foldable phones ın thıs days flip mobile phone legends is not dying. Samsung is remotely controling this market.

And now Samsung present new model w2018. This product have a very stylish design and its inside 2 piece of 4.2 inc 1080. 1920 pixel AMOLED touchable screen i mean in this flip smart phone have a screen inside and outside and the body iron and glass mixture is established.

Android 7.1.1 Nougat update will come with and 2018 Oreo specified phone taking his power Snapdragon 835 CPU. Device is powerful like every other android devices and phone coming with 6 GB ram capacity. Normal version 64 gb Extreme edition have 256 gb internal memory and phone using 2.300 mAh battery.

Samsung W2018 very powerful smartphone from every angles.

Samsung W2018 have 2 different color you can buy it gold and platinum and behind the phone have F1.5 diaphragm is capable of optical image stabilization in the camera’s 12-megapixel with the open diaphragm value in the sector very good low light photos attract phone, because of the market this phones must be have double Simkart.

Samsung very hard worked for improved the Bixby and in this phone we have a button for fast reach to Bixby. Because of this Samsung w2018 taking first place in the market.
Samsung w2018 prepared specially for the Chinese market. For the moment no possibility of sale in other regions.

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