Furniture Types for Outer Spaces in 4 Topics

We have dwelled on the subject of what to consider while choosing garden furnitures in our previous article. As to this article, you can find general information about types and constructions of garden furnitures. You can also browse the category if you want to have information about what to look for while choosing furnitures.

Plastic Furnitures

Despite seeming artificial and cold at first, plastic materials have become really popular with variable uses in last years. Local production experience level has reached to a high level on furnitures produced from this material. Buying products matches the required standards and made of original plastic (not recycled material) is what you should look after about this subject.

Injection Rattan Furnitures

These furnitures which are actually made of plastic, get patterned to provide a rattan look. Local manifacturers have also started production for these imported furnitures. What I think will be popular outer space furnitures for the year of 2016 in every way is injection rattan both suite and single.

Synthetic Rattan

These are generally manifactured by weaving plastic based tape material on an aluminum frame. These will be the first ones to be shown as rattan to you in any other website or store. You run in these as rattan furnitures in the current market. They are being presented in stores for years providing a long term and care-free use. They will most likely be leaving their place in the market to injection rattan furnitures especially after 2015 duty customs putting their prices up too.

Metal Framed Furnitures

These furnitures once you can find generally as aluminum or cast are evolving into more elegant types of furnitures in the past years as aluminum and teak wood, aluminum and net upholstery (tenter) combinations are added to the options.

If we might evaluate, I am predicting this will be the year of plastic and injection rattan for outdoor furnitures. I attribute this result to these furnitures being affordable, maintenance-free, but mostly becoming able to compete with the other types design-wise.

In conclusion, to get high level of comfort and quality is the main point to consider no matter what type of furniture you are choosing. It would be good to stay away from cheap products with low quality.

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