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Choosing Proper Furniture for Office Spaces in 4 Questions

We have placed some data about what outer space furnitures are and conditions of their use in our previous article. As for this article, we will land some information about “How can we make our office space more spacious by using office furnitures? At the same time, how should we choose office accessories and secretariat furnitures?”. If you are willing to get detailed information about the subject, you may browse our article.

How to choose furniture according to the type of office?

I will try to answer this question with my periodical articles, needless to say according to the standarts of height and ergonomy determined with a years of experience.

How to choose furnitures for small office spaces? What to do to show the office spaces big which are small in square meters? How can I make my office space more spacious?

Lately, I see a large number of office spaces which can be reffered as small opening for business and face the same questions;

Mr. Ozan, how can I make my office space roomier?

You can do it by changing the perception with your choice over furnitures and accessories.

Expanding the office space with a magical formula will not be possible most likely of course, then choosing the furniture in the most minimalist dimensions will be necessary. Operational tables with meeting extensions are amazing applications for executive use in small office spaces.

This application carries the table beyond being a standard operational table and is optional in terms of use too. If you can also provide this meeting extension out of a faux leather finish or some surface which can support it with a colour difference, here you are: a stylish, functional and affordible executive table. Another feature to change the tone and add elegancy in small tables is the table legs. Laminated or x-york metal legs with wooden platforms combination are adding elegancy to the office spaces in the last years.

How should the secretariat tables be chosen?

Other operational and secretariat tables can be produced in small dimensions already. Meantime, table tops and lateral facings or bands should definitely be in light colours.

If laminated material is being used light gray, if industrial facing was decided birch, light oak, light walnut can be chosen. Natural facing is mostly not being preferred on operational tables as it is very expensive.

Besides that, maybe covering a complete wall with a decorative mirror, also light-coloured wallpapers and glas desktop object which do not strain eyes, will make the office space look broader than it is. The rule of using light colours can be stretched a little on the floor surface.

Whether the office space is broad or narrow, the only standard that never changes is seating and height details of the office seats. Office chairs do not go below the conventional dimensions, they should not.

How should the choice of an office chair be?

The colour of an office chair does not have a big effect on the perception of totality of the space. In a busy office, as long as we consider that it will be occupied all the time, a colourful faux leather upholstered office chair may colour the place and break the monotonicity.

The comfort o an office chair is as important as its colour. It goes without saying that the choice of office chair takes an important place on people who work long hours to not have health issues with their necks and backs. Staying away from cheap and low quality office chairs is the topic should be dwelled on at this point. The office chairs we buy thinking they are affordible can cause serious healh problems for employees. The colour selection of the chair is as important as its ergonomy for the employee’s psychological state. Thereby the colours that have apositive effect on the employee’s psychology should be preferred on colour selection.

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