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Apple has solved the major problems associated İphone X on the shipment

When the iPhone X was first sold, it was stated that the orders would be shipped within 5-7 weeks.Apple has solved the major problems associated İphone X on the shipment.
Company,in a short time 5 weeks shipment time down to 1 week. Apple customers in the US, İphone X delivered within 5 days but in Turkey this time 1-2 week.

According to Rosenblatt China Technology’s analyst jun Zhang iPhone X, so far has sold 15 million.İndicating to Zhang 256 GB model compared to 64 GB model more sold.
Zhang expressed a short time ago 256 GB model is more popular. Analyst stating that the phone’s weekly production reached 3 million, he said the coming months,this figure will increase to 4 million a week.

The allegations raised before the İphone X was noted at the end of this year will reach 27-28 million in shipment.

In the report,analysts pointed toward the end of this year will reach 30 million İphone X shipments.The delivery figures in March of next year is espected to reach 45 million.

A brand new futuristic İphone: İphone X

The location of the home screen button we see on all İphone models place left to Face ID technology in İphone X , launching a new are in security.

According to Apple stated Face ID system, even in low light smoothly running.Face ID can detect your face even in the event of hat or wearing glasses can detect users faces.
Face ID take advantage of features such as indrared camera, front camera and point projector.

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